July 2nd, 2011


Cruise to Alaska

Here is my vacation. My first cruise. And it was to Alaska. Not the first time I've ever been to Alaska, but the first time I'd been to this part of it, at least. However, it was the cruise part that was a whole new experience. The biggest surprise of the trip was how much free time there is while at sea. For some reason, I figured all day every day we'd be at a different port and be spending all our time on shore. Nope, about half the time is spent at sea. And for me, that was PERFECT. Whole days where there was nothing to do but grab a coffee and read a book or sit by a window and watch the mountains go by. I didn't think there would be that much down time but I'm so so glad there was. Oh, they have events you can go to to keep yourself entertained (my mom and I went on a tour of the kitchen, for instance) but for the most part during sailing time I did as I described, grabbed a coffee and a book and found a quiet spot and read.

And, of course, the meals. Everyone always talks about the meals and cruises and there's a reason for it! In one deck is a cafeteria style dinning area where there is food available almost 24 hours a day including all kinds of desserts. Breakfasts were to die for with any kind of egg or omelet made to order or pancakes or French toast, or waffles, and all kinds of fresh chopped fruit. And dinners (if you chose to attend the formal dining room rather than the cafeteria) were four course affairs – soup or salad, appetizer, main course, then dessert. I shall be spending the next two or three weeks losing the 4 or 5 lbs I put on last week, lol.

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